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Hi, I'm Andrew Duey and this is my website.

Here I showcase just a little of who I am and my interests. Mainly what you will find here is pictures as "a picture is worth 1000 words". 

I enjoy spending time with my family, and tinkering with computers (actually any sort of electronics).  I've been interested in electronics from the time I knew how to crawl.  My dad would go to garage sales and buy old electronics for me to tinker with.  I took 100% of what he bought apart, I probably got about 10% of it back together and working. 

Here's a Fortran 90 project I just finished for a class at UNL if you're interested : Duey's Super Sorting Program

Here's pictures from my trip to Hallam, NE May 28th & 29th.

Here's pictures of the newest edition to the Duey Family: Alexander Westely Duey

Here's a link to my picture gallery including pictures from MAM

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