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Duey's Favorite Places to go on the Internet (these are just a few from my long list)

The Codex Giga - My brothers band. Check their calendar and come out to see them. I'm currently hold the position of Sound Czar with the band :)

Weather Underground - My favorite place to get weather information (and for a measely $5 you can shut off the ads!!).

Duey's Computer Service - My computer consulting and repair company that I own.

Trillian - A universal Instant Messaging client what works with all the major chat servers including: AIM (AOL), ICQ, Y!, MSN, and IRC networks.  I love this program!  I got rid of the 10 seperate chat programs I was using before, and not only saved screen space, but tons of memory as well.

Four Corners Health Department - The regional health department that my mom currently runs.